The Energy Economics Group (GEE) assembles a team of professors and researchers at the Institute of Economics (IE) of UFRJ and the School of Economics of UFF that conducts studies about the issues related to technological, organizational and institutional development of industries and energy markets, with emphasis on the Brazilian case.

Under the IE/UFRJ, the GEE offers an array of disciplines in the energy area at undergraduate and postgraduate - stricto e lato sensu - and in the brazilian energetic sector the group develops several projects in partnership with key stakeholders of this sector.

The current agenda of studies on GEE has the main themes:

  • Energy policy and regulatory frameworks - with emphasis on new challenges related to global integration of the Brazilian energy industry, the result of the pre-salt discoveries and incentives to the use of renewable sources, particularly biofuels;
  • Network industries - with emphasis on the specific challenges of reconciling the industries of gas and electricity in Brazil;
  • Transport and fuel - with an emphasis on structural changes arising from technological change and increased use of renewable sources in the transport sector;
  • Business strategies - with an emphasis on strategies of energy companies in the face of profound changes in the current global energy context and Brazil;
  • Dynamics of the energy industry - with an emphasis on structural change generated from the technological innovations and new institutional contexts marked by the need to respond to the threats posed by global climate change.