Project Energy Policy Challenges for Sustainable Development in Brazil      

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Main challenges of the national energy sector

For increasing oil and gas production

and sustainable energy matrix

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Promoting a strong interaction between international groups

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Project Energy Policy Challenges

For Sustainable Development in Brazil

Main challenges of the national energy sector

Energy Economics Group (GEE)

The Energy Economics Group (GEE, in portuguese) is a group of teaching and research at the Institute of Economics (IE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), oriented to the economic study of issues related to energy infrastructure. The GEE brings together a team of 8 teachers with extensive experience in the study of the energy sector, besides researchers and research assistants who develop studies around the issues related to energy policy, and the aspects of technological, organizational, regulatory and institutional evolution of the energy industries, with emphasis in the Brazilian case.

Since 1993, GEE actively conducts research and studies in collaboration with various actors of national energy sector. The group publishes books, articles in professional journals and maintains an eletronic journal specialized in the analysis of national energy policy. Through these publications, the GEE has positioned itself as a major "think tank" of the Brazilian energy sector, with a large insertion in the energy debate in Brazil.

GEE has developed a large number of research projects in recent years. Among the most important ones, we can mention:

  • 2013-today - Study for the company Comgás on the technical and economic potential of the micro-cogeneration natural gas.

  • 2010 until today - Project funded by the Brazilian Petroleum Institute to support the Committee of Economy and Energy Policy Institute with the analysis and review of the regulation and policy in energy market in Brazil.

  • 2007 to 2009 - Study for the Empresa de Pesquisa Energética - EPE of the Ministry of Mines and Energy in Brazil, regarding the creation of a secondary market for natural gas in Brazil.

  • 2007 - Study for the Petrobras, entitled "Methodology of Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Models in the Natural Gas Industry."

The GEE also coordinates the Training Program of Human Resources for the energy sector funded by the National Petroleum Agency, Petrobras and the IBP Project (PRH-21). This program seeks to unite complementary competences of UFRJ, involving the Institute of Economics, Production Engineering and Energy Planning Program (COPPE) to train high skilled human resources in energy industries. By joining these centers, we intend to offer the students the opportunity of a multidisciplinary training, more appropriated for the new context of rapid changes in these industries. We seek to offer to these future professionals analytical.

The GEE offers courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, within the area of concentration for Energy Economics at the Institute of Economics. All the courses offered seeks to analyze the major economic, technological and institutional specificities of the energy sector, and provide the analytical tools necessary for elaborating business strategies and regulatory and policy analysis. These courses seek to identify strategies for companies in the energy sector, in the context of a process of sustainable economic development. The purpose is, therefore to form professionals able to understand the dynamics of evolution of oil, gas and electricity industries in Brazil and to formulate policies and strategies for companies and other institutions related to these industries.

The GEE is also active in professional education in the field of energy, developing with COPPEAD Institute - UFRJ - a MBA course in Economics and Management in Energy since 2000. this MBA course has over than 14 years and is responsible for capacitating professionals of several companies and institutions: Petrobras, Eletrobras, Furnas, BG, TBG, CPFL, CEG, LIGHT, Vale, ArcelorMittal, ANEEL, ANP, ONS, etc.