Project Energy Policy Challenges for Sustainable Development in Brazil      

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Main challenges of the national energy sector

For increasing oil and gas production

and sustainable energy matrix

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Promoting a strong interaction between international groups

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Project Energy Policy Challenges

For Sustainable Development in Brazil

Main challenges of the national energy sector


The project will analyze the main challenges of the national energy sector for increasing oil and gas production and for maintaining a sustainable energy matrix. This research project will evaluate and discuss the Brazilian energy policy and regulation, taking into account the international context.

The international context is an important dimension of research for the following reasons: 

  1.  Brazil intends to be strongly inserted in the international trade flows of energy, particularly oil and natural gas; 

  2.  Profiting from the high potential of domestic energy resources will also depend on a regulatory and technological dynamics under development in the international level; 

  3.  The lessons of international experience for the promotion of renewable energies can contribute to building a sustainable energy policy in Brazil. 

The project also aims to contribute to insert Brazilian energy policy and regulation discussion in the international debate, by diffusing the research results in the reviews and discussions undertaken by SIPA.

The moment that Brazil changes its international position in terms of energy, due to the radical change in their resource base - with the incorporation of pre-salt and modern renewables (wind and solar), the international agenda acquires a crucial dimension.

The project seeks to build this agenda promoting a strong interaction between an international group - which can bring a qualified view of the international context - and a national group - able to contextualize this vision according to Brazilian prospect of their own agenda of its national problems and their viable solutions.

In this context, the project intends to contribute to debate regarding the main open questions in the energy policy agenda in Brazil and internationally. In this regards, the main research question is the technological, economic, regulatory and political risks associated with to: i) the expansion of the hydrocarbons production in Brazil; ii) the production of unconventional gas in the world, nowadays; iii) the outlook for the oil and oil products market; iv) the diffusion of the renewable energy sources.