GEE Courses

The main concern of the Energy Economics Group is the development of its pupils in the several levels of education. In this context, GEE has been contributing for more than two decades with the establishment of academic staff and professionals specialized in the various energy industries. 

At the Institute of Economics/UFRJ, GEE teachers offer a range of undergraduate courses that allow students focus upon main issues of energy sectors, by granting them the Energy Expert Certificate. In addition to the work provided at undergraduate level, GEE has been playing an important role in the graduate courses/IE-UFRJ, by offering systematically subjects in the Economics Graduate Program (PPGE) and in the Public Policies, Strategies & Development Graduate Program (PPED).  Subjects focused on the study of energy economics are also offered at undergraduate and graduate levels by GEE teachers at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). The importance of GEE in undergraduate and graduate courses is reflected in the participation of Institute of Economics/UFRJ, in the ANP Human Resources Program (PRH-21) - the only one College of Economics to join the program. 

By recognizing its importance for the establishment of academic staff in energy, GEE still offers extension courses and short courses for businessmen, such as the Executive MBA in Economics and Management of Energy in partnership with COPPEAD. In this context, GEE has been playing actively to build qualifications required for the development of the energy industry in Brazil.