Convênios e Parcerias
O GEE mantém convênios e parcerias com instituições acadêmicas, bem como associações e empresas. Tradicionalmente, o GEE desenvolve pesquisas em cooperação buscando se manter próximo da realidade econômica do setor energético nacional e internacional. Abaixo os convênios atualmente em desenvolvimento:

Center of Excellence in Energy Economics

The Center of Excellency in Energy Economics is a partnership between IBP (Brazilian Petroleum Institute) and GEE (Energy Economics Group), with the purpose to develop studies and analyses on the energy markets in Brazil, especially the Oil & Gas industry. Followed by papers, researches are discussed in thematic workshops, in order to constitute texts for discussion by the community interested in the proposed subjects, which will be organized into fields of specialization. This partnership also aims to consolidate the Energy Economics Group/Institute of Economics at UFRJ as a Center of Excellence in economics analysis applied to the energy sector.


ANP Agreement: PRH-21

PRH-21 is a human resources training program for the Oil and Gas Sector supported by ANP - National Petroleum Agency. This program seeks to unite the bases of complementary competence of UFRJ, by involving the Institute of Economics, Production Engineering and Energy Planning Program to provide education for people able to become highly qualified human resources specialized in the energy industries. Through such association, it is intended to offer students the opportunity to multidisciplinary training, more suitable for the new context of fast changes in these industries. The aim is to equip these future professionals of the analytical tools to formulate policies and strategies for companies and other institutions related to these industries.


Agreement GEE-UFRJ – CGEP – Columbia

The Energy Economics Group/IE-UFRJ and the Center on Global Energy Policy – SIPA/ Columbia University are willing to cooperatively develop a research, to identify energy policy strategies to promote an economically and environmentally sustainable energy matrix in Brazil, in the context of abundance of oil. This project will allow us to analyze the main challenges in the domestic energy sector, to promote a sustainable energy matrix. Furthermore, the research project will allow us to evaluate and argue the Brazilian energy policies, by taking into account the international context.